Yoga and Meditation for Brain Injury

A LoveYourBrain Teacher Training with Kyla Pearce, Ramsay Pierce, and Kim Baker

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Learn How Yoga and Meditation Can Help Foster Healing for Brain Injuries

Brain injury is one of the leading causes of death and disability in the world.* In the United States alone, 2.8 million traumatic brain injuries occur every year, which means about one every 11 seconds.** Because the brain governs how we move, think, feel, and act, injury to this precious organ has wide-ranging impacts physically, cognitively, emotionally, and socially. Each brain injury is different and presents a unique set of symptoms, often making it very challenging for people to receive the right support and care.

A growing science is showing that the dynamic and multifaceted nature of yoga has tremendous potential to foster healing from brain injury. Not only does yoga offer a pathway to improved strength, attention control, and stress management, it can also provide people with powerful opportunities to look inward, connect with themselves more deeply, and discover their capacity to move forward.

The Yoga and Meditation for Brain Injury: A LoveYourBrain Yoga Teacher Training was created to educate yoga teachers on how to skillfully offer yoga and meditation to the underserved brain injury community.

Whether you realize it or not, you know someone who has been affected by brain injury. This training offers a new perspective on how to make yoga and meditation more trauma-informed and how to meet the needs of a population that is largely invisible. 

—Kyla Pearce, Senior Director of the LoveYourBrain Yoga program

This training is designed for yoga teachers looking for practical tools and skills to make their classes more accessible for people with brain injuries. It’s also for anyone interested in learning about how the brain operates, what happens when it’s injured, and how yoga and meditation can be used for healing.

During this training, you’ll explore:

  • Different types of brain injury and their potential symptoms and challenges.
  • Neuroanatomy and physiology key concepts.
  • How to optimize neuroplasticity and nervous system regulation for healing.
  • Methodologies and principles for adapting asana to address things like dizziness, poor balance, spasticity, and learning and memory deficits.
  • How to tailor meditation for students with brain injuries (plus two practices) to address challenges with attention control and mental health.
  • Three gentle asana practices (floor, chair, and standing).
  • The theory of yoga nidra (plus one practice) including key modifications for brain injury.
  • The core elements of the LoveYourBrain yoga program.
  • How you can partner with LoveYourBrain to offer their yoga program in your community.

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**MMWR Surveill Summ. 2017 Mar 17.
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Meet the Presenters

Kyla Pearce, MPH, PHD, CBIS, RYT-200

Kyla serves as the Senior Director of the LoveYourBrain Yoga program, overseeing the design, implementation, and evaluation of the program on an international level. She has been part of the Pearce family for years and played an integral role in the launch of LoveYourBrain. Kyla has blended her expertise as a yoga teacher and her skills as a researcher to develop a TBI-centered yoga curriculum, which she trains yoga teachers and clinicians to deliver through workshops across the United States.

Kim Baker, MPA, RYT-200

As the Director of Implementation for the LoveYourBrain Yoga program, Kim has been spearheading the expansion of their flagship program on a national level since 2015. She has helped to develop the organization’s TBI-centered model, involving individuals who have sustained TBIs and caregivers in every step of program creation—from planning to implementation and dissemination. In 2019, she was appointed to serve on the California Department of Rehabilitation’s Traumatic Brain Injury Advisory Board.

Ramsay Pierce, E-RYT 200, YACEP

As the Yoga Program Manager of LoveYourBrain, Ramsay supports the expansion of the yoga program and co-leads yoga teacher trainings for teachers and clinicians who wish to offer TBI-centered yoga and meditation. She has spent seven years working for mission-minded nonprofits and has over 600 hours of training in various styles of yoga, including restorative, yin, and prenatal, and she is certified through the Integrative Amrit (I AM) Method as a yoga nidra instructor.

LT's Story: How Yoga Has Helped Me Live With TBI

What Teachers and Students Are Saying

“Teaching LoveYourBrain Yoga has been rewarding on so many levels. In every class, we wrap up our yoga and meditation with a group discussion. This has been a crucial part—hearing our stories reflected in each other’s. Realizing that, as different as we may be on the outside, we have a common struggle. It's my belief that this is how actual community is built. As someone dealing with a brain injury, it allows me to be as powerfully vulnerable as my students.”

Megan Cauley, RYT-200 at Wake Up Yoga in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

“I loved the specific themes of each class, and that little pieces of wisdom, specific meditations, and themed discussions are part of the process. I’ve really kept those lessons with me and I've seen a change in myself. The sequences themselves were empowering, strengthening, and fun; I felt myself getting stronger.”

Roi Plotkin, Student at LoveYourBrain partner studio, Alluem Yoga, in Cranford, New Jersey

Frequently Asked Questions

The LoveYourBrain Foundation was founded in 2014 by brothers Kevin and Adam Pearce to improve the lives of people affected by traumatic brain injury. LoveYourBrain is the message that embodies a positive approach to brain injury prevention and healing. Their programs are designed to build community, foster resilience, and help people understand the importance of loving their brains.

No. Anyone, from a beginner to a seasoned yogi to someone who simply has a strong interest in learning how to adapt yoga and meditation for people affected by different types of acquired brain injury can take this training.

Just a desire to learn!

To get certified to teach LoveYourBrain yoga and meditation, you must attend the LoveYourBrain 18-hour, in-person yoga training that LoveYourBrain hosts across the United States and Canada. More information on how to get certified will be provided in your online training.

Absolutely! The content in this course complements and expands upon what LoveYourBrain covers in their in-person training. Some of the new material includes the theory and practice of yoga nidra for people with brain injury and instruction on techniques for adapting asana and meditation for stroke and brain tumors.

Yes! Please reach out to Yoga International by emailing

Teachers: Get 7 Continuing Education Credits

Yoga Alliance requires all yoga teachers to accumulate at least 30 hours of continuing education every three years. 20 online hours are allowed to count toward this requirement.

Fulfilling seven of these study hours is as easy as logging into the Yoga Alliance website and entering your hours after you’ve completed Yoga and Meditation for Brain Injury. Continue your yoga education with this course and more from the Yoga International library!

Yoga and Meditation for Brain Injury

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