Yoga for Lower Back Pain

Are you among the millions who experience lower back pain? Here’s an opportunity to change that.

Join master yoga teacher Aadil Palkhivala as he guides you in understanding the physical, psychological, and spiritual origins of low back pain, along with powerful therapeutic answers.

In this 4+ hour digital course, you will learn:

  • The physical and psychological origins of low back pain
  • The anatomy of the back
  • The part trauma can play
  • Postural triggers
  • Sequences for the lower back, the hips, and to relieve sciatica
  • A morning series for opening the back body
  • How to modify sun salutes for low back pain
  • Pranayama to help with lower back pain
  • Nutrition and lifestyle suggestions

Aadil Palkhivala

Aadil Palkhivala is one of the foremost yoga teachers in the world. He began his asana studies with B.K.S. Iyengar at the age of 7 and received an Advanced Iyengar Teacher's Certificate at 22! He is the author of the book Fire of Love and devoted to Sri Aurobindo's Purna Yoga. Aadil is co-Director of the Alive and Shine Center in Bellevue, Washington and The College of Purna Yoga, an internationally acclaimed, advanced teacher training program. He was a certified Shiatsu and Swedish therapist, and a Clinical Hypnotherapist. Aadil has studied holistic healing and Ayurveda extensively. He holds degrees in law, physics and mathematics, and co-hosted the Alive and Shine Radio Show with his wife, Savitri.