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Yoga Nidra

WITH Rolf Sovik ON October 7, 2013
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Course Description

Learn to be awake yet asleep with yoga nidra (yogic sleep), the practice of sleeping consciously. Combining relaxation techniques with the unique practice of “Exercise Without Movement,” yoga nidra helps us travel deeply within. The goal is greater inner awareness of the body, our states of consciousness, and how the mind manages the body. Benefits include relaxation of the heart, skeletal muscles, and nervous system, reduction of stress and stress-related diseases, and deep, conscious rest that reduces the need for sleep. Yoga nidra techniques are excellent for practitioners of all ages.

Yoga nidra was brought to us by Swami Rama from the cave monasteries of the Himalayas. This course guides you systematically through the practice.

 Join us for:

  • The theory and guided practice of the five steps of yoga nidra
  •  A look at sleep, the stages of sleep, and the brainwaves associated with each stage
  •  Helpful tips on how to stay awake while moving through relaxation toward deep sleep
  •  The short method of yoga nidra—the 10-minute power nap

Download the Lecture Notes (14-Page PDF)

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