The Truth About Food Intolerance

More and more, people are having trouble digesting their food. Why is that? Dr. John Douillard explores this question in this module, helping us get to the root cause of digestive woes. READ MORE

The Psychology of Ayurveda and the Physiology of Yoga

 In this digital course, you will learn how to identify typical constitutional imbalances and how to address vikruti (imbalances) through asana, pranayama, deep relaxation, meditation and diet, cleansing, and lifestyle adjustments. You will learn how to adapt asana and... READ MORE

BIG Spring Cleanse

  Seasonal cleansing offers us a way to clean out old habits and toxins and bring our bodies and minds back into balance. It leaves us feeling lighter, brighter, and more joyful. We clear out of our system imbalances connected... READ MORE

The Ayurvedic Clock {mini-course}

To live an ayurvedic lifestyle, it is important to stay in tune with the ayurvedic clock. Understanding how to apply ayurvedic principles to the hours of the day, seasons of the year, and stages of our lives will help restore... READ MORE