Find Your Perfect Meditation Seat

If you meditate, have ever tried to, or have even thought about it, this short course will help you eliminate physical obstacles and distractions in your meditation. Steve offers essential tips for making your sitting posture steady and comfortable, and... READ MORE

How to Meditate in 5 Easy Steps
With Rolf Sovik

Learn how to relax your body and breath, focus your mind, and sit resting in a place of stillness inside yourself—in five easy steps. Meditation is an inward journey. It’s also a systematic... READ MORE

The Healing Art of Meditation
With Rolf Sovik

Meditation and its companion practices constitute a healing art. They restore internal balance, remind us of our spiritual priorities, and offer a wide variety of techniques to help us regain our innate sense of hope and optimism. In this seminar,... READ MORE

The Mystery and Power of Mantra
With Rolf Sovik

Mantras serve as prayers, as resources for contemplation, and as pure sounds linking awareness to higher states of being. It is rewarding to know more about these various aspects of mantra practice and to link the use of mantras to... READ MORE

Bringing Daily Meditation to Life
With Rolf Sovik

Have you studied meditation but need a review of the fundamentals of practice? Are you striving to bring meditation practice into your daily life? Or do you meditate daily yet remain uncertain about the effectiveness of your practice? This workshop... READ MORE