The Mystery of Mind: Teachings of the Yoga Sutra
With Swami Rama

Yoga leads you to moksha—freedom. In this Wisdom Classic, study the cardinal text of Yoga, Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra, with a master. Swami Rama teaches how practice leads to the heights of human experience. He... READ MORE

With Swami Rama

The Saundaryalahari (“Wave of Beauty and Bliss”) is at the heart of Sri Vidya Tantra. Through richly poetic language, it describes a systematic method leading to the heights of human consciousness—our intrinsic divine nature.... READ MORE

Finding Meaning in Life
With Swami Rama

Many people searching for a purpose in life strive for the abstract goals of knowing God or attaining enlightenment. Swami Rama explains that one of the goals of life is to know yourself on all levels. He presents simple techniques... READ MORE

Spiritual Origins of Health
With Swami Rama

Swami Rama explains explains the four aspects of wellbeing—body, breath, mind, and spirit—and how each contributes to health. He also discusses the benefits of prayer, contemplation, and meditation. Price: $14.95 Now $9.99! Discount provided by the Himalayan Institute... READ MORE

Stressless Living
With Swami Rama

Stress is created when you search for peace outside yourself—relief can be found within. Swami Rama explains that true peace can only be found inside your mind and that you can find it by building a bridge between... READ MORE

Superconscious Meditation
With Swami Rama

  "If you follow and tread the path, you will reach your destination. You will attain your goal, provided you have systematic knowledge." – Swami Rama What is meditation? What should you expect from meditation? Swami Rama provides clear understanding... READ MORE

Inner Peace in a Troubled World
With Swami Rama

We human beings have been progressing but not toward the right direction. We have become too external, and we have forgotten our real center of peace. We have all the amenities of life, but deprive ourselves of our real goal:... READ MORE

Chakras: An In-Depth Approach to Healing

Learn how to work with the chakras in ways that are relevant and applicable to your life and relationships. Master teacher Shari Friedrichsen has helped thousands of students worldwide get closer to their true potential. How? By helping them turn... READ MORE

Sanskrit Made Easy for Yoga Students

Even a little study of Sanskrit opens up a whole world, enriching your study and practice of yoga, ayurveda, mantras, and more—and it doesn't have to be difficult. Sanskrit study is considered a spiritual practice in itself.... READ MORE

Foundations of Yoga Wisdom

There is perennial wisdom that resides in the roots of yoga. Join master teacher, Ishan Tigunait, as he shares the knowledge gleaned by the sages and rishis and leads you on a dynamic journey through the history of... READ MORE

Yoga Sutra Master Course

The sutras are vibrant, powerful, and ripened by the light of centuries of unbroken tradition. The Secret of the Yoga Sutra is made of many components designed to meet you exactly where you are. Program Components: THE SECRET OF THE... READ MORE

Living Tantra

Living Tantra™ is designed to ensure that distance does not come between the student and the teacher. What is Tantra? Why is Tantra so important in the 21st century? How can Tantra compliment the study and practice of Yoga,... READ MORE

Wheels of Life: Chakras in Theory and Practice

Chakras are us! And that is why it’s a very good thing to know more about them and about how to work with them for our benefit. These centers of energy and consciousness are... READ MORE

Samkhya Philosophy

Samkhya is one of the six classical Indian schools of philosophy, and the oldest formulation of the ideas of even older revealed texts, like the Upanishads and the Vedas. Yoga, tantra, and ayurveda are all rooted in Samkhya philosophy, and... READ MORE

Kundalini: Inner Healing for a Troubled World

Kundalini shakti, the primordial pool of energy and consciousness lying dormant in us, is an inexhaustible source of healing, nourishment, vitality, and joy. By making skillful use of that aspect of kundalini shakti which is already awake—called prana... READ MORE

The Mystery of Willpower and Trustful Surrender

The Tripura Rahasya is a dialogue between two great masters, Dattatreya and Parashurama. These two masters embody a vast range of human experience, and their dialogue answers such compelling questions as: Why do some of us succeed in life while... READ MORE

Saundaryalahari: Wave of Beauty

Saundaryalahari is one of the most profound tantric texts of the Himalayan tradition. Despite the fact that this scripture has dozens of commentaries, the deep meaning of the mantras, and especially their application, requires direct interpretation and guidance from a... READ MORE

Milestones in our Spiritual Quest

In the course of our spiritual journey, it is helpful for each of us to pause from time to time and ask ourselves: Where do I stand in my personal quest? Am I satisfied with my progress? What is preventing... READ MORE

Meditation on the Chakras
With Rolf Sovik

Chakras, the centers of subtle energy along the spinal column, play a dynamic role in the practice of meditation. They govern regions of human anatomy, sectioning the body into distinct organ systems and anatomical functions. They embody themes of human... READ MORE

Living with the 64 Yoginis

Spiritual traditions tell us that essentially we are divine, and we suffer only because we are ignorant of our true nature. But no one tells us how ignorance walked into our lives, how to get rid of it, or how... READ MORE

Tantra: A Foundation for Practice

Understanding and practicing tantra can empower your life and your spiritual practice by enabling you to activate your inner life force. Discover how your yoga practice is related to the esoteric, exotic, and comprehensive world of tantra, and take your... READ MORE

Karma and Reincarnation

Understanding the dynamics of karma is the foundation for using our present circumstances to shape a joyful future. Take this opportunity to refine your knowledge of the dynamics of karma, the role of the mind in creating karma, and the... READ MORE