Pranayama Unlocked: A Practice-Based Intensive

Have you ever wanted access to the deeper, energetic aspects of yoga? Join master teacher Gary Kraftsow as he takes you on a journey into the very heart of the energy body. Watch, learn, and practice along with Gary as... READ MORE

Fundamentals of Alignment

Take your hatha practice to the next level and join Kathryn Heagberg for the brand new series, “Fundamentals of Alignment.” In this comprehensive series, we’ll explore each asana category from the inside out: standing postures, forward... READ MORE

Yoga for Strength and Stamina

This course will give you access to sustainable power and core strength that will span your entire life. Just building muscle tends to build rigidity, whereas building sustainable strength releases tension, increases flexibility, and mobilizes powerful energy at the core... READ MORE

Art & Science of Breathing
With Rolf Sovik

Working with the breath is a powerful tool that allows you to change the way the mind and nervous system operate. That is why breath training is a foundation of yoga practice and is ... READ MORE

Understanding Agni: The Fire of Transformation

Agni is the subtle pranic force of the fire element and a key component to the sciences of both yoga and Ayurveda. A clear understanding of its function and where it resides in the body can help us begin to... READ MORE

Yoga Nidra
With Rolf Sovik

Learn to be awake yet asleep with yoga nidra (yogic sleep), the practice of sleeping consciously. Combining relaxation techniques with the unique practice of “Exercise Without Movement,” yoga nidra helps us travel deeply within. The goal is greater... READ MORE

Breath of Life: The Five Prana Vayus

Because inner healing and awakening begins with understanding and accessing the life force, prana shakti, working with this potent force is the objective of yoga practice. We can explore prana shakti through the prana vayus, the five aspects of prana... READ MORE

Fire and Ice: Yoga to Balance the Extremes

Extremes can entrench us in our habits and trap us in our comfort zones. However, we can use these extremes to see where we have become internally frozen or inflamed. This seminar will provide the tools and means to temper... READ MORE