Join us for a (free) Seven-Day Yoga Therapy Mini-Immersion! We'll send hand-picked video classes plus corresponding articles related to each day's topic directly to your email inbox. You'll explore safe and healthy alignment from head to toe, yoga for sciatica and low back pain, releasing tension in the psoas, supportive practices for anxiety and depression, and more. Not only will you learn about your own body on a deeper level, but also how to make asana practice more sustainable in the long run, making this mini-immersion ideal for students and teachers alike! 

Daily topics will include:

  • ​Healthy Alignment for Hands and Feet 
  • Yoga Therapy for Knees
  • Hips and Hamstrings 
  • Yoga for Low Back Pain
  • Relieving Neck and Shoulder Pain
  • Supportive Practices for Anxiety and Depression