Spring is here and we've designed a new challenge for you: Jim Bennitt's 4-Part Advanced Series. This series of practices is a great opportunity to explore advanced poses, and each sequence includes an inspiring (you-can-do-it!) apex pose. Enjoy the process of working toward supta padmasana (reclined lotus pose), pincha mayurasana (forearmstand), padma sirsasana (lotus in headstand), and (eventually) the final apex pose, padma pincha mayurasana (lotus pose in forearmstand). As with previous challenges, we'll send each week's practice directly to your inbox. Sign up today! 

Invite your friends and family to explore this challenge with you. Mark your progress by capturing your practice on Instagram. Tag us (@yoga_international) with the hashtag #YIpractice4weeks, and hey, who knows, we just might share your photo on our page! Most of all, make the experience your own, and enjoy every step along the way.

Here's to a brand new yoga adventure!

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