New Study Finds Yoga and Meditation Reduce Healthcare Costs

ON November 3, 2015

Recent scientific research suggests that people who practice relaxation methods are 43 percent less likely to head to the hospital or to require emergency care or physician-requested medical testing than those who do not.

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New Study Shows Yoga Improves Arthritis

ON September 18, 2015

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Film-makers Aim to Turn “Who Owns Yoga?” Into Feature-Length Documentary

ON April 24, 2015

"Who Owns Yoga?" is becoming a feature length film!

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Loyola Marymount University Hosts a Yoga Sutra Round Table

ON April 21, 2015

Bridging east and west in contemporary academia.

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Soy: Friend or Foe?

ON March 31, 2015

Do you have reservations about soy?

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Scientific Research: The Benefits of Meditation for Beginners

ON February 24, 2015

Even beginning meditators benefit significantly from practice, and here's why.

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King and Queen No More?

ON February 16, 2015

Can headstand and shoulderstand be performed safely?

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New Study Highlights Yoga’s Cardiovascular Benefits

ON February 13, 2015

Experts claim that yoga reduces the risk of heart disease.

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Who Owns Yoga?

ON January 9, 2015

Documentary tackles current questions about trends in the yoga community and intellectual property rights

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The Surprising Health Benefits of Your Favorite Holiday Spices

ON December 24, 2014

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