7 Ways to Maintain Your Yoga Practice (and Sanity) During Holiday Travel

ON December 20, 2016

Defuse holiday stress by maintaining your yoga practice.

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5 Practices for Embodying Joy This Holiday Season

ON December 15, 2016

Practices that will infuse your yoga with childlike delight this holiday season.

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Ayurvedic Holiday Hacks

ON December 14, 2016

Easy ayurvedic tips you can use to ground and nourish yourself this season.

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Scientific Research: Yoga, Aging, and the Brain

ON December 13, 2016

Yoga may buffer the effects of age-related decline.

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The Case for Avoiding Weight-loss Language in Yoga Class This Holiday

ON November 22, 2016

Yoga as a refuge from cultural messages that we are "not enough."

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3 Reasons to Stick to (Or Start!) Your Meditation Practice

ON September 29, 2016

Scientific studies that will inspire you to practice meditation regularly.

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Yoga and the New Science of Pain

ON February 25, 2016

You will never look at pain the same way again.

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New Research on Yoga and Bone Health

ON December 22, 2015

New Research Suggests that Even 12-Minutes of Daily Yoga May Improve Bone Health

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5 Yoga Practices You Can Do Anywhere This Holiday Season

ON December 9, 2015

Happy holiday season! Here are five simple, discreet, stress-busting poses you can practice while you're waiting in line shopping for gifts!

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New Research Suggests that More Poses May Be Safe for Pregnancy

ON November 18, 2015

New research on pose safety during pregnancy.

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New Study Finds Yoga and Meditation Reduce Healthcare Costs

ON November 3, 2015

Recent scientific research suggests that people who practice relaxation methods are 43 percent less likely to head to the hospital or to require emergency care or physician-requested medical testing than those who do not.

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New Study Shows Yoga Improves Arthritis

ON September 18, 2015

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Film-makers Aim to Turn “Who Owns Yoga?” Into Feature-Length Documentary

ON April 24, 2015

"Who Owns Yoga?" is becoming a feature length film!

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Loyola Marymount University Hosts a Yoga Sutra Round Table

ON April 21, 2015

Bridging east and west in contemporary academia.

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Soy: Friend or Foe?

ON March 31, 2015

Do you have reservations about soy?

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Scientific Research: The Benefits of Meditation for Beginners

ON February 24, 2015

Even beginning meditators benefit significantly from practice, and here's why.

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King and Queen No More?

ON February 16, 2015

Can headstand and shoulderstand be performed safely?

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New Study Highlights Yoga’s Cardiovascular Benefits

ON February 13, 2015

Experts claim that yoga reduces the risk of heart disease.

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Who Owns Yoga?

ON January 9, 2015

Documentary tackles current questions about trends in the yoga community and intellectual property rights

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The Surprising Health Benefits of Your Favorite Holiday Spices

ON December 24, 2014

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International Yoga Day

ON December 12, 2014

United Nations creates International Yoga Day

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Yoga for Scoliosis: New Research Supports Side Plank Benefits

ON November 26, 2014

Yoga offers new hope to those suffering from scoliosis.

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Satisfying Recipes for a Vegetarian Holiday

ON November 13, 2014

Satisfying both vegetarians and meat eaters at holiday meals can be tricky. Served with a smile, your guests won't even miss the meat is these delicious, festive recipes.

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YogaGlo Patent Dropped

ON October 30, 2014

YogaGlo drops its broad yoga class patent.

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Scientific Research: How Yoga Works

ON October 9, 2014

Balancing the mind and body through the vagus nerve.

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The IAYT Announces its First Accreditation Decisions for Yoga Schools

ON August 26, 2014

What is "yoga therapy" and will it change yoga as we know it?

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5 Ways to Support Your July 4th Celebrations

ON July 3, 2014

Enhance your holiday with a few suggestions from Yoga International.

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Your Brain on Meditation

ON April 14, 2014

Modern science has developed sophisticated tools to explore meditative practice for clues to how it affects our body and brain.

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Yogaglo Patent Issued

ON December 10, 2013

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Patent Update

ON October 21, 2013

Update on the patent application story.

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Patents and Lawsuits: The Future of Yoga?

ON September 23, 2013

Are patents and lawsuits the future of yoga? We hope not.

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Hope and Healing: Trauma-Informed Yoga for Women

ON June 11, 2013

A trauma-informed yoga and mindfulness program helps over 700 women cultivate self-confidence, clarity, and peace.

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