Sandra Summerfield Kozak

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Sandra Summerfield Kozak M.S. (MahaSarasvati) is an internationally celebrated teacher and yoga teacher trainer who specializes in Yoga and Ayurveda for health and healing. She presents workshops throughout North America and Europe and Russia on the practice, philosophy, and psychology of Yoga and Ayurveda.

She is currently the founding Director of International Yoga Studies, an internationally affirmed teacher certification program which has a strong Ayurveda component. She is also the President of Light Transitions which makes the celebrated BreathSounds breathing and Relaxation tapes. Sandra has served as a board member for the Yoga Research Center and Yoga International Magazine, for which she has been a columnist. Sandra has also created and directed the Yoga curriculum for the University of Nevada Reno, and the Health and Wellness Program for the City of Palo Alto. She has served as Vice President of Unity in Yoga, and the World Yoga Union.

Sandra is the co-author of “Yoga For Your Type: An Ayurvedic Approach to Your Asana Practice”, with Dr. David Frawley. She is the author of “Forgiveness: The Art of Letting Go” and numerous articles and papers on a variety of health subjects. Currently she is completing her third book on Health And Healing Practices.
Sandra received her Master's Degree in Exercise Physiology with a minor in Psychology and has been studying and teaching yoga full time for 40+ years.

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