Jayme Sweere


Springfield, MO

About Jayme

I came to yoga as a professional athlete, looking for it's physical benefits but what I have discovered has been transformative and healing beyond words. What I have learned from the Himalayan Tradition is most certainly profound in it's depths but more importantly to me, in it's simplicity. These ideals are where I strive to teach from, grounding in modern science with practical application for daily life. I have been honored to produce The Secret of the Yoga Sutra Master Course and other great content for YogaInternational.com and the Himalayan Institute. Living and working for HI and YI was truly a life changing and wonderful experience that laid a foundation that I'm ever grateful for.

I offer organizational Yoga Therapy programs to create an antifragile workplace, learn more on StressedOutHumans.com. I also do virtual personal training/habit change coaching, performance training combined with yoga and meditation for individual. Learn more about me and my programs on my website JaymeSweere.com. I

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