Serena Jetelina


Honesdale, PA

Yoga Education

Himalayan Institute 500 Hour

Serena was originally drawn to yoga as a way to heal from emotional trauma and bring peace to her stressful life. She completed her initial 200 hr training with Ana Forrest in Forrest Yoga, her subsequent 500 hr training from The Himalayan Institute, and her Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist certification with Kathryn Templeton. Through her practice, she has learned self-compassion, how to let go of perfectionism, and how to stay grounded in an ever-changing world. Her classes have a strong focus on breath and body awareness. Her intention is to create a safe space for everyone that enters her class, and to teach students how to empower themselves by illuminating the strength, joy, and wisdom within. Serena currently teaches yoga at The Himalayan Institute and Yoga International Studio in Honesdale, PA and offers independent astrology readings.

When not practicing yoga Serena can be found wandering the great outdoors, studying planetary and lunar cycles, perusing art galleries, and making things from plants.

Yoga Classes