Serena Jetelina


Honesdale, PA

Yoga Education

Himalayan Institute 500 Hour

Serena Jetelina is a 500-hr Certified Yoga Instructor, trained under the Himalayan Institute and Ana Forrest; a Certified Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist, trained under Kathryn Templeton; and an astrologer, trained under Adam Elenbaas. She has a particular fascination with the intricate relationship between mind, body, breath, and the natural elements. She believes everyone has an inherent capacity to heal, and this stems from the ability to be consciously present, connected to the breath. Serena is currently studying Yoga Therapy with Dr. Jaime Stover Schmitt of Spanda Yoga Movement Therapy.

Originally drawn to yoga as a way to heal from emotional upheaval and stress, Serena has learned to take herself and life with less gravitas. Through her practice, she continues to cultivate self-compassion, attempts to let go of perfectionism (and failures), and realizes daily how much she is still learning. Her classes generally focus on strengthening and grounding through conscious integration of breath and body awareness. Serena believes the greatest gift we could give one another is our open, unwavering presence—where understanding and self-empowerment can unfold—and this is the type of environment she hopes to bring to the classroom. She currently teaches yoga at The Himalayan Institute and Yoga International Studio in Honesdale, PA and offers independent astrology readings. You can contact her to schedule a reading or yoga class at

Serena has a double BBA in International Business and Entrepreneurship. Outside of formal studies, Serena might be found wandering the great outdoors, perusing art galleries, and making things from plants.

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