John Zadroga

About John

developed an interest in the human body and how its form influences its function as an awkward 10-year old at a school-mandated scoliosis screening. This interest (and subsequent diagnosis of scoliosis) motivated him to give yoga a try as a teenager. It was one teacher’s liberal use of props and emphasis of posture modification that kept him coming back to the practice and eventually motivated him to become a yoga teacher. As a medical student, John also recognizes the potential for movement to be a causative agent of positive change in the body. His academic background assists in his sequencing of asana-based yoga practice, in which therapeutic movement is emphasized. If there were one “yoga myth” John would like to dispel indefinitely, it is that people must come to yoga with some pre-established degree of flexibility and/or fitness. John demands nothing more from his students than an open mind and willingness to communicate with him honestly about their goals.

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