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Kat’s (www.makataliving.com) journey of practicing and teaching yoga began in 1996. She draws on over two decades of professional background in leadership, teaching, communications, and as a fitness educator, to bridge yoga philosophy with modern life. At the core of her passion is the belief that the connection of mind and body are essential for well-being and this thread remains an integral theme in her teachings, sessions and workshops.

Kat facilitates, coaches and leads numerous different projects and teacher training programs related to yoga and balanced living. She is grateful for the teaching and guidance she has received from esteemed leaders within numerous yoga practices and is ever inspired by the people she meets.

Kat’s unique energy and passion is infectious. By linking experiences in yoga practice to life, she encourages people to explore their own perceived limits in mind, body and being: through awareness, breath, gentle movement and listening to the ultimate teacher within. While this sounds serious, the challenge is balanced by her joyful and playful approach to the process.

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