Alexis Marbach

Boston, MA

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Alexis believes that yoga is an opportunity to turn your inner volume up and the external noise. Yoga is a tool that helps us discern who we are, and make decisions that are in service to our emotional, physical, and spiritual nourishment. She believes that engaging in a yoga practice is a radical act of self-care and a chance to become embodied, empowered, and more firmly grounded in who we are (especially in a world that is constantly in flux). After practicing for over 10 years and teaching for more than 4, Alexis has come to understand her practice as a safe place to explore internally and externally. She teaches because she believes that everyone has the right to engage in this process of cultivating their deep internal wisdom. Alexis completed her 200 hour teacher training with YogaWorks in Northern California, and completed her 300 hour teacher training at Down Under School of Yoga in Brookline, Ma. She is forever indebted to her teachers and mentors Lakshmi Norwood, Nikki Estrada, Michelle Marlahan, Molly Boeder Harris, Zabie Yamasaki, Cailtin Lainer, Tami Hackbarth, and Natasha Rizopolous.

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