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Liz discovered Yoga in 1974 while her infant son and toddler daughter napped. Lilias Folan’s afternoon television asana practices were grounding and spiritually nourishing. Thirty-plus years later, after studying with various teachers in school gyms and studios, she completed a 200 hour yoga teacher training. Along the way she played music with friends and family, sewed costumes, section hiked the Appalachian Trail, raised chickens and kept bees, kayaked the Virginia rivers, became a licensed massage therapist, taught massage and yoga classes, completed Kathryn Templeton’s Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist training, and always fed her family delicious meals. In early 2010, after reading Yoga International for many years, Liz found her way to the Himalayan Institute to study Living Tantra with Pandit Rajmani Tigunait. As her 35-year career in the printing industry winds down, she will spend more time at the Institute studying, learning about life, and supporting the Himalayan Institute’s mission.

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Why Study Yoga Sutra and Why Now? - Part 2 - Coming Closer to Patanjali

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Congratulations on the launch! The site is beautifully organized and I like the channel idea. Having the yoga class videos is great! I, too, love the printed piece but understand the economics of your decision. This magazine has always been a constant in my life for quite a while and I will miss the ease of reading it wherever I happen to be. There are two things that I cannot find on the new site. - I refer my students to the page on the former site that where they are able to read and listen to the Prayers of the Tradition, the Traditional Chant Before Meals (BG 4:24), Gayatri and MMM. Are they on one of the channels on the new site? And, I have not found a way to log in with the special passwords for the 64 Yoginis and Saundaryalahari eCourse videos. Can you tell me how to navigate to them? Best wishes, I know the launch is only the beginning . . .

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