Elizabeth Sullivan

About Elizabeth

Certified Yoga Therapist C-IAYT, SomaYoga Therapy Trained along with advanced studies in SourcePoint Therapy and a certification as an Ayurveda Yoga Specialist, Elizabeth Sullivan blends her passion for optimal health and full potential to support your next best steps on your path to wholeness and remembering your divine brilliance. There is no greater healer and teacher than your higher Self and being in an intimate connection with the blueprint for human health to support your fullest potential. From simple daily practices of Ayurveda to energy medicine and energy pattern changing protocols, meditation and the whole eight limbs of yoga; Elizabeth draws on these ancient tools and newer modalities to support your healing and help you remove blockages that have held you back. Elizabeth writes for Yoga International and other publications where she is motivated to share these tools with all ages to support health and potential! She teaches and sees clients at Tula Yoga & Wellness and also teaches with Yoga North International SomaYoga Institute training teachers.

For more information: www.elizabetheilerssullivan.com

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