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With the Yoga of Physical Arts, I explore the intersections and complementary practice of martial arts, dance and yoga. I approach these various disciplines as an integrated practice of embodied art. In doing so, I emphasize utilizing the physical body as an instrument of mental focus and developing a capacity for functional and efficient movement as well as the deep stillness of meditative absorption.

I am a dancer, actor, performance artist and yoga instructor. I teach privately and at 8 Limbs Yoga Centers and Culture Shakti Dance. Based in Seattle Washington, I have taught and performed in Europe, India, Canada, Latin America and throughout the US. I am a member of the Urvasi Dance Ensemble, performing the classical Indian dance form Odissi under the guidance of Dr. Ratna Roy. I also work with the experimental dance/theater groups Degenerate Art Ensemble and Saint Genet. Other collaborators include DK Pan, Amy O’Neal, Waxy Moon, Lily Verlaine, musician Stephen Fandrich, photographer Steven Miller and artist Mark Mitchell.

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