Chris Livanos

Madison, WI

About Chris

Chris Livanos is a yoga instructor in Madison, WI and a professor in the Center for South Asia and the Department of Comparative Literature at the University of Wisconsin. After years of studying Sanskrit and Indian religions and having a yoga instructor for a mother, Chris finally started doing yoga on an ER doctor’s suggestion after throwing out his back. He fell in love with the practice immediately and has never looked back.

Chris offers teacher training modules on asana instruction as well as yoga philosophy, Sanskrit and the history of yoga. With a passion for making yoga available to all, Chris offers yoga classes in English and Spanish.

When he is not teaching yoga or subjects including Sanskrit Literature, Comparative Religion, and Bhakti poetry, Chris can often be found with his wife Michelle walking their four dogs around the streets of Madison or stand-up paddleboarding on Madison’s lakes. His teaching schedule and blog are online at panthayoga.com .

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