Carly Stong

About Carly

Carly Stong is an experienced yoga instructor and the owner of Life Yoga in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. Always a passionate advocate for self-love, Carly has been teaching yoga since 2006 and began integrating her knowledge and experience into weekly classes that she calls “Yoga for Bigger Bodied Women” in 2011. As she says "These classes contribute to a global shift in the world of yoga that is breaking stereotypes and representing body diversity and acceptance. I work to create a space where women can lovingly and methodically reclaim their bodies and measure worth much deeper than waistlines." Carly has been a Community Partner with the Yoga and Body Image Coalition since 2015. She adds meaning to her days by creating community and connection while leading drop-in classes, facilitating workshops and yoga teacher trainings, as well as hosting yoga and meditation retreats all over the world.

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