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Lecturer in Religious Studies and Kinesiology at the University of Regina, Colin Hall has been teaching and studying yoga for over a decade. He is the co-director of Bodhi Tree Yoga, where he and his wife Sarah have been building a thriving yoga community in the small prairie city of Regina, Saskatchewan. Colin started practicing yoga in the late 1990’s and continues to learn from his original teacher, David McAmmond. In addition to his regular classes at the Bodhi Tree, Colin gives workshops and teacher trainings on asana and yoga philosophy.

Interview with Colin

What style, tradition, and/or lineage are you a part of (if any)?

I practice and teach pirate yoga. That means I take the gold from traditions and lineages and divide it up amongst my crew. Sometimes we bury it on a beach.

My earliest training was in Iyengar yoga, but it wasn't flippant and groovy enough for me. I don't like rules or authority figures whose arbitrary standards become touchstones by which our yoga is measured, so I'm not sure I will ever be anything but a yoga pirate. Argh.

What can I expect from your classes on YI?

You can expect to have fun. You can expect to do something new and different. You can probably expect a dad joke or two.

I want all my classes to be interesting above all else. I want students to come away re-evaluating and re-imagining their practice. Being told that somebody didn’t like my class wouldn't hurt my feelings, but being told that somebody was bored would sting.

What’s on your mind these days yoga-wise?

So many things. I spend a lot of time talking with my partner, Sarah Garden, about how to build a yoga community that makes a valuable contribution to social and environmental justice. I have no interest in being part of a yoga scene that is not engaged in broader social and political movements.

I'm also really interested in how to make yoga class a place of learning without making it too serious. It is so important to study and better understand yoga history, philosophy, and practice, but that should not mean that class stops being fun. That's why I give yoga history lectures before leading yoga dance parties!

What do you like to do outside of yoga?

I love hanging out with Sarah. We don't even need to go anywhere or do anything. We just talk forever.

I'm a dad so that takes up a lot of my time. My kids are super cool and I love watching them slowly growing into being thoughtful, conscious adults. I'm also a lecturer at the University of Regina in Saskatchewan, Canada, where I teach courses on yoga, religion, and sociology.

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