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Anya’s interest in yoga began in college as a tandem to her studies in dance and plant biology. She embarked upon a teaching career in 2005 after a dance injury propelled her to deepen her knowledge of the therapeutic applications of asana and other facets of the practice. In 2010 she developed Breakti® which explores the intersections of asana, breakdance, and functional movement and she has had the honor of teaching at a number of the most well-known studios in NYC as well as major festivals and retreat centers. After many years of teaching and working in studio management in the intense climate of New York City, she came to meditation and Buddhist studies as way of inviting stillness, gentleness and honest self-reflection to her busy life. Anya relocated to Zürich, Switzerland in 2015 where she lives with her husband and daughter. She has taught workshops and trainings in NYC, Zürich, and throughout the U.S. and Europe. Visit Anya at anyaporter.com

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