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I came into this lifetime with parents I will always consider my first teachers. I steeped myself in the necessary and vibrant love of the natural world, and was continually shown that trees and ocean waves were entry points into a life well lived. I walked into my first yoga class at the age of 18, and saw my mat as another pathway into the mystery of being human.

I continued my studies at Integral Yoga Institute in New York City, and then made the journey west, arriving at the door of Center for Yoga in Los Angeles, a traditional and also eclectic studio housing many traditions under one collective roof. Here, I met my hatha yoga teacher, James Morrison, and completed their teacher training program in 2004. Soon after, I moved to Portland, and taught anywhere I could before co-founding The Bhaktishop Yoga Center in 2007. After leaving the world of studio ownership, I harnessed my attention to the practice of teaching, and translating the inner dialogue to an outer language - engaging both friends at the dinner table and students on the mat to pay attention to the gift of cultivating a vulnerable and courageous human life .

I've been, and continue to be, inspired by numerous teachers, and also the natural world in it's gorgeous, transitional forms. In my classes, you'll often find…intentional and creative sequencing, poetry, Sanskrit mantra, mindfulness practices and meditation. I live in Southeast Portland and spend as much time as I can with my little rescue pup Lita.

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