Samantha Feller

Honesdale, PA

About Samantha

Samantha is a content marketing specialist at Yoga International. She first received the gift of yoga in May 2013. Her initial attraction was the physical practice but with time and consistency, she found that yoga gave her so much more, it gave her peace. It was at that moment she knew she needed to learn more about yoga and go deeper.

She completed a 200-hour training, in March 2014, at hOMe Yoga Experience in Mahwah, NJ that not only gave her the tools to be a well-rounded teacher, but also a person who enjoys life and finds inspiration everywhere. She is eternally grateful to all of her teachers who have so thoughtfully shared the practice of yoga with her. Yoga has sparked a passion in her heart and allows her to connect with herself on a deeper level.

Now, it is her mission to offer this beautiful opportunity for growth to her students in a safe environment. She teaches a vinyasa style class to all levels and invites her students to reflect on their life, and encourages them to take what they learn on the yoga mat and weave it into daily life.

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