Erika Duffy


Honesdale, PA

About Erika

Erika serves as a yoga facilitator in and around Wayne and Pike counties. She was certified by Jenn Allen and Chris Loebsack at Sundari Yoga in 2011, as a hatha/vinyasa teacher. In addition to several online courses and workshops she most recently earned a certification in Yoga for Recovery from Addiction. She continues her education by attending workshops, classes & trainings,(in and out of state) on-line courses, in conjunction with continued exploration through/of her own personal practices. Yoga International and the Himalayan Institute have been and continue to be exceptional resources of inspiration and education,beginning with her first class in 2002. Erika works to assist in re-empowering people to heal themselves through compassion, honesty,and playful self discovery,reducing and alleviating the perceived disconnection at the root of much of our suffering. She teaches in schools, studios, small businesses, addiction rehabilitation centers and private residences. Erika structures her classes considering all students unique personal needs. Offering a several variations and modifications of tradional poses she hopes to make asana practice assessible to every body. Yoga is the process of dissolving the misunderstandings causing us to believe we are separate, different, and apart from rather than a part of the world around us. Erika hopes in utilizing her personal experience and sharing her passion for the practices of yoga that she may be able to assist in the healing and enhancement of life experiences for all who attend her classes.

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