Dominique Camille

About Dominique

Dominique Camille MA, began practicing yoga after finishing years as a NCAA collegiate athlete and acknowledging her mental & emotional well-being had been severely neglected. Her training at Namaste Yoga + Wellness allowed a deeper understanding of emotional instability and ways to cope with it. Yoga allowed her to find healing, acceptance, and liberation in a tangible way. Her natural curiosity about behavior, energy & emotions continue to drive her search for healing modalities for the mind, body, & soul.
Believing spiritual practice cannot be separated from social justice work, she is a dedicated practitioner and teacher focused on serving marginalized populations. Having returned from living in South Africa, teaching yoga & meditation to youth, she is passionate about offering holistic education & liberating expression to Bay Area communities.
Dominique currently works as the Development & Operations Associate at Youth Outside, where the vision is to connect youth of color to the benefits of nature & outdoor experiences. For more information, visit www.youthoutside.org

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