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Ellen Huang is a yoga teacher known for her fun and creative use of props, intelligent sequencing toward a peak pose, and her signature style, Prop Flow, which combines supported alignment and vinyasa flow.

Ellen first discovered yoga in 2003 while a student at UCLA, and began teaching in 2006 while living in NYC. Her understanding and study of the body is informed by both the Western approach of skeletal-muscular anatomy, under the training of Senior teacher Alison West, as well as by the Eastern approach of the subtle, energetic body. She is passionate about sharing her love and knowledge of yoga, to bring awareness, healing, and growth to her students and community. While her demeanor is calm and even keeled, her classes are precise, thoughtful, and demanding.

Ellen lives in Los Angeles with her husband and daughter, and leads both group and private classes in her home studio. Follow her @ellen.yoga and www.ellen.yoga.

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