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Sedona, AZ

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Lynn’s personal experience of yoga’s transformative and healing powers started her on a journey that has allowed her to share this gift with others in ways that are meaningful and have an impact on their lives. She brings compassion, humor and encouragement to her teaching. Lynn enriches her students' experience of yoga by weaving mindfulness, breathwork, meditation, alignment and chanting into her classes. Her intention is to improve the quality of her students' lives and help them reach their fullest potential, physically, mentally and spiritually. Lynn’s classes are skillfully designed to relieve the cumulative effects of stress while toning the body, quieting the mind and rejuvenating the spirit.

Lynn’s masters degree in Instructional Systems Design allowed her to combine her love for yoga with her desire to teach in the creation of a creative, comprehensive yoga teacher training program offered at the college level. Lynn also combines her passion for teaching with her love of nature in her unique Yoga Vacations which provide students a deeper experience of yoga than weekly classes can. Her teacher training, workshop and retreat schedule can be found on her website, www.embraceyoga4life.com

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