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Teachings and Mythology of the Bhagavad Gita Part 3

…“What is the right way to think about this war? Should I fight?” the warrior-prince Arjuna asks Krishna, his mentor and charioteer, at the beginning of the Bhagavad Gita as they face the opposing army. Arjuna knows this war will destroy their civilization. His question leads to a dialogue spanning the 18…

Meditation Using Soham Mantra

…Stabilize and focus your mind as you connect the sound soham to your breath in this guided mantra meditation.

Art & Science of Breathing

…Working with the breath is a powerful tool that allows you to change the way the mind and nervous system operate. That is why breath training is a foundation of yoga practice and is also an important part of inner healing. The breath holds the body and mind together and has a major impact on both. Learn how the body actually breathes…

How Has the Student/Teacher Relationship Changed Throughout Your Lifetime?

…Providing inspiration to continue a personal practice is one characteristic of a great teacher. Discover other facets of the teacher/student relationship from the spiritual director and president of the Himalayan Institute, Rolf Sovik. sovik

Breath Awareness: Preparing for Meditation

…Create self-awareness as you anchor your attention to your body with this breath awareness meditation.

Brahmacharya: The Middle Path of Restraint

…Do you ever find yourself surfing the Web, reading a stranger’s blog, or looking up old acquaintances on Facebook late into the night? Are you still troubled by nightmares spurred by a violent action movie you recently watched? Or perhaps you’re feeling jittery from that second cup of coffee this…

A Mantra For Your Mind

…An ancient yogic text, the Shvetashvatara Upanishad, likens the process of reciting a mantra (mantra japa in Sanskrit) to uncovering the inner essence of something. Much like pressing sesame seeds yields sesame oil, churning milk produces butter, or digging a well exposes water, the sages say, the power of repeating a mantra reveals…

10 Tips for Reducing Distractions in Meditation

…The attainment of one-pointedness of the mind and senses is the best of  practices—superior to all. —Sri Shankaracharya, A Thousand Teachings, 8th century  For most meditators one-pointed concentration is a goal, but not a reality. We do our best to manage distractions when they arise, yet often find them managing…

Meditation: Counting the Breath

…Deepen your concentration and calm your mind with this breath counting meditation.

Yoga Nidra: Why Do Techniques Differ?

…Rolf suggests understanding the ancient roots of this practice while remaining open to new interpretations.

All Results For 'Rolf Sovik'
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