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The Bhagavad Gita on Love

…In the Bhagavad Gita (the Song of the Lord) Krishna comforts and advises his troubled disciple Arjuna by telling him about three paths. Each, he says, is a kind of yoga—a way to live in the world and at the same time maintain inner peace. They are the path of…

The Art of Breathing: Drawing the Diaphragm

…As a young child I was surrounded by kids who drew well. My friends filled the margins of their notebooks with clever doodles. I tried my hand as well, but for the most part my images foreshadowed an early career in music, not art. That didn’t dampen my appreciation for…

Satsanga: Support Your Practice with a Yoga Study Group

…The practice of yoga is by its very nature a work in progress. Today’s forward bend awakens a vision of how to approach the pose tomorrow, and the stillness we seek in tomorrow’s meditation is prepared for by the way we live our life today. And as our accomplishments in…

12 Tips for Developing Your Own Practice

…Beginning students are just as likely to feel the joy that comes from yoga as are their more experienced comrades. But beginners also face a pesky collection of obstacles. For one thing, the vocabulary of yoga can be difficult. Despite its beauty, Sanskrit has a tendency to make Western eyes…

Relaxation Practice to Balance the 5 Prana-Vayus

…Breathing sustains life. Cycling continuously through day and night, the breath empties the lungs and fills them with air. In due course, each breath rids the body of wastes, replenishes the bloodstream with oxygen, and nurtures the cellular fires of metabolism. Durable and able to accommodate to an enormous range…

Breathing Away Depression

…Few of us are completely untouched by depression. And when our mood is upended, the loss of hope and confidence can be almost paralyzing. Work accumulates. We smile and interact in familiar ways, but are not really engaged. We avoid calling friends, withdraw from social settings. And as time passes…

The Gita in Action

…The Bhagavad Gita (“the Lord’s song”) is a dialogue between two extraordinary figures: Arjuna, a brilliant yogi as well as the general of a large army, and Krishna, the incarnated Lord of Life. As the Gita begins, Krishna has driven Arjuna’s war chariot to the center of a great battlefield, and there Arjuna surveys…

Práctica de Relajación Avanzada: 75 Respiraciones

…Esta técnica de relajación avanzada te guía suavemente a un viaje dentro de tu propio ser.  Empezaremos en shavasana y desde el inicio, con la ayuda de ejercicios de atención a la respiración, tu mente y tu cuerpo se relajarán poco a poco.  Esta práctica es tan relajante que quizá te…

Práctica de Relajación: 61 Puntos

…Esta práctica consiste en mover tu atención sistematicamente de un punto de energía interna a otro.  Con tu atención también llevas fuerza a cada uno de esos puntos, relajando y revitalizando todo tu cuerpo.

Find the Right Amount of Time for Your Meditation

…Many years ago I was fortunate to spend a few months in a remote ashram in Nepal. Founded by my guru, Swami Rama, the ashram was located in the scenic foothills of the Himalayas, twenty kilometers outside Kathmandu. One afternoon, Swamiji called for the ashram’s trusted Ambassador automobile to transport…

All Results For 'Rolf Sovik'
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