Yoga for Boosting Creativity
By Lauren Toolin On August 8, 2013

Twists and lateral poses, combined with specific pranayama and visualization practices, will unstick your creative shakti so you can share the best of you!

Gomukhasana: Discover the Deeper Meaning Behind the Pose
By Sandra Anderson On August 6, 2013

Why would we want to twist our body into the shape of a cow's face? Sometimes the Sanskrit name of a pose can reveal a hidden intention or unexpected aspect of the posture.

Yoga/Pilates Fusion: Infusing Core Strength
By Nikki Simons On August 2, 2013

Use Pilates exercise, breath, and core engagement to gain a new perspective on your yoga practice.

Personal Practice: The Greatest Resource for a Yoga Teacher
By Shari Friedrichsen On August 5, 2013

Your practice becomes your teacher. Without a practice, you never really discover yoga.

9 Ayurvedic Travel Tips
By Vasant Lad On May 27, 2013

Beat jetlag, insomnia, dehydration, and other travel-related discomforts with ayurveda’s all-natural remedies.

Creative Kirtan: The Householders Music
By Yoga International On August 8, 2013

Yoga helps and inspires the creative process for The Householders as they blend electronica, dance, hip-hop, and kirtan.

Awaken Your Inner Artist: Yoga & Creativity
By Karen Macklin On August 1, 2013

Access higher inspiration with yogic tools that empower creative expression.

7 Steps to a Snooze-Free Meditation
By Rolf Sovik On June 3, 2013

These smart meditation tips from a seasoned practitioner will keep you focused and alert.

Creativity Meditation
By Hari Kiran Kaur Khalsa On June 3, 2013

Need a creativity boost? Try Yogi Bhajan’s inspiring meditation practice.

Boost Your Creativity, Boost Your Health
By Dakota Sexton On May 27, 2013

3 yoga and meditation practices help you tap into your creativity.

Headstand: How to Stimulate the Crown Chakra
By Swami Saradananda On May 30, 2013

How to connecting your individual awareness with infinite consciousness.

Aging Gracefully
By Deborah Willoughby On May 13, 2013

Yogic Wisdom for the Third Stage of Life

Yoga In Schools: Does It Pass the Test?
By Shannon Sexton On May 31, 2013

Can yoga create an inner light within America’s urban schools, giving at-risk kids a measurable advantage?

Using the 3 Gunas to Understand Your Mind
By Kathryn Templeton On August 21, 2013

The 3 gunas: The mind's supreme qualities