What are Chakras?

Through our online yoga community, you can learn more about the major chakras, which are seven energy centers within the body. They are often described as vortices of energy that extend from the base of the spine upward. At Yoga International, we offer beginner guides and deeper explorations into the imagery of chakras, their unique properties, and where they are located. Our in-depth resources make it simple to access expert articles that discuss the roles of the chakras. Discover how awakening the body‘s energy centers can inspire positive life effects, such as releasing negativity or inspiring creativity. Examine how the chakras have traditionally been viewed in yoga, and how they are viewed today. Take a closer look at what is means to awaken the chakras as we learn more about ourselves.

Learn About Poses Related to Each Chakra

Explore articles that answer your questions about how aspects of our physical, mental, and spiritual lives are influenced by chakras. Learn what a chakra is and see how specific poses are related to certain chakras. Find out about the characteristics of the chakras, such as the third chakra — the manipura chakra. This chakra is located at the navel center, and is commonly associated with the color yellow, and related to our willpower and assertiveness . View the postures for connecting with a particular chakra, such as boat pose or seated twists. If you have an interest in the relationship between yoga poses and chakras, explore this topic further by accessing our online resources. Sign up for a 30-day free trial membership, or contact us for more information today.

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