Food Basics

A Healthy Yogic Diet

Explore the art of eating well. Our resources on eating a healthy yogic diet will support your yoga practice and your life. We have easy-to-follow cooking tutorials that are ideal for both the novice and more experienced chef. A consistent yoga practice requires energy. That‘s why our articles, recipes, and tutorials offer great ideas on fortifying your body for an active yoga lifestyle. Resources are also available for members who wish to successfully manage food sensitivities or adopt a more balanced diet. Enjoying healthy meals and snacks is easier with the right guidance. You may also want to know more about the best time of day to eat and how to serve the ideal portions. You‘ll find nutritional tips on how to give yourself an energy boost for a busy day. Plus, we have the best recipes for creating ayurvedic meals featuring a wide range of colors, flavors, and textures. We are here to make it simple for our members to enjoy delicious yoga-friendly foods, break negative nutritional habits, and become more conscious about how yoga and food contribute to vitality.

Ayurvedic Cooking Tips for Nourishing Meals

With ayurvedic knowledge, you can think wisely about the foods you eat and how you enjoy them. You can also consider how food relates to your digestion and overall health. Our ayurvedic cooking experts offer nutritional information to empower mind and body. Whether you are fueling up for yard work, a workout, or the workplace, ayurveda principles can help you nourish your body mindfully. Ayurvedic food choices are often made to stimulate the metabolism, elevate energy, and balance the doshas. At Yoga International, we provide a range of ayurvedic recipes, including those developed to support overall health, immunity, mental clarity, and digestion. Join our community today—for free—to enjoy personalized yoga and cooking tutorials.

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