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Resources for Yoga Teachers

Our comprehensive resources for yoga teachers are assets for inspired teaching. We offer up-to-date information to help new teachers develop their skills. Our resources also assist veteran leaders in the yoga community as they motivate students from a variety of backgrounds and levels.  We have in-depth articles and engaging tutorials on how to cue alignment, offer modifications, suggest adjustments, use props, and develop smoother sequences. We understand studio safety and student motivation are critical to your career. That’s why we provide an educational library that allows professionals with a range of teaching styles to refine their skills. Learn how to make students feel welcome during a yoga practice. Be motivated by our yoga teacher resources that cover the business aspects of running a studio or balancing a career. From articles to workshops, we have the tools to help you surpass student expectations.

Mastering the Business of Yoga

Your passion for teaching is the perfect foundation for building a successful career. Look to our articles on the business of yoga as you work toward specific goals. We offer a wide range of resources for yoga studio owners, workshop presenters, retreat coordinators, and part-time or full-time yoga teachers. Perhaps you want to expand your studio community, offer special events, or start a yoga venture. We have tips for enthusing current students and attracting new participants. With a membership, you can stream or download yoga business features online at anytime. You’ll be ready to access information on virtually any electronic device. Whether you teach a broad or specialized schedule of yoga classes, our community is an affordable way to enhance your yoga business. Sign up for a free 30-day trial today!

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