Living Tantra

At Yoga International, you can gain a basic or deeper understanding of what living tantra means. You will find distinguished teachers of tantra discussing the asana, mantra, pranayama, and visualization work that allows for the optimal use of physical energy. Explore the paths of tantra wisdom through articles and videos from master teachers and tantric scholars. Learn how to tap into the dormant power within the body for increased confidence and contentment and discover the inner strength you need to pursue career, relationship, and other personal aspirations.

Here at YI, you’ll also find answers to common questions about tantra. Though tantric principles are often seen as tools for improving sexual intimacy, they are much broader in scope, meaning, and application. A study of classic tantric teachings can inspire a genuine appreciation of everyday sensory experiences and the wonder of living.

Tantric Yoga Practices to Energize the Body

Teachers of tantric yoga practices offer pose sequences for developing a stronger physical awareness. Tantra sees the body as a manifestation of spirit. Physical imperfections and desires are considered pathways to spiritual growth and integration. Learn how others are honoring the ancient traditions of tantra and channeling its principles into positive action. Within our yoga community, we provide resources to help our members understand yoga wisdom and practically apply its philosophical principles, while striving to be their best selves. Join Yoga International for free today. Then, start your exploration into greater self realization.