Yoga Philosophy

An exploration of yoga philosophy can deepen your practice and strengthen your self-knowledge. Our resources are available to guide you in implementing yoga wisdom into your life. Read articles that outline steps to living a happy life, quieting a busy mind, and knowing your true nature. Delve into Q&A sessions on yoga philosophy, or read tips on firing up your practice by sparking your inner motivation. Our articles also allow you to discover more about the yamas and niyamas – yoga’s ethical guidelines for everyday life. We offer valuable perspectives on incorporating these observances into yoga practices. Your philosophical explorations may stem from a desire to transform a specific area of your life or simply to learn more about classic spiritual literature. You may be wondering how to skillfully apply the principles of yogic teachings. You’ll find in-depth commentary on the ancient philosophy of yoga, online at Yoga International.

From Sankhya to Advaita Vedanta: Understanding Indian Philosophy

Yoga was born in India, and articles on Indian philosophies, such as Sankhya or Advaita Vedanta, are an important part of our library of accessible resources. Our experts can help you explore the role of these and other yoga philosophies in a challenging world. Learn how an understanding of yoga’s traditions and words of wisdom can enrich your life. Register for a free trial membership today and access original, thought-provoking articles now.

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