Spiritual Growth

The Spirituality of Yoga

If you want to take your yoga beyond the poses, explore the spirituality of yoga through our online community. We offer inspiring resources to guide you in living a purposeful life. Many Yoga International members who enjoy our online yoga classes are also interested in topics of self-exploration. That‘s why we offer articles on managing life‘s challenges while cultivating peace, love, and compassion within ourselves. Yoga practices can play an important role in addressing imbalances that may prove to be obstacles to our health and happiness. Breath work can help relieve stress. Meditation can be a key to overcoming negative emotions. Discover how yoga and meditation work together as a powerful duo, allowing you to face a variety of situations with calmness and composure. View articles on how life challenges can lead to spiritual growth. Our articles can also help you set spiritual intentions for your practice and find deeper meaning within poses. Feed your spirit and encourage personal growth through practices like mantra and mudra. Find opportunities to express gratitude for the people and things you value. The spirituality of yoga can support us as we live as our authentic selves, in the moment—with body, breath, and mind in harmony. Sign up for a free, trial membership to Yoga International today or continue to access our resources to foster the depth of your yoga knowledge.

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