Tantric Teachings

A personal spiritual path can include the study of tantric teachings. In Sanskrit, the word tantra means “to weave” or “to expand.” We have a broad scope of articles, textual commentaries, and videos that examine the expansion of self-awareness through tantric philosophy. These valuable resources provide guidance in asana, pranayama, and meditation practices that allow you to harness the energy of body and mind to enhance your quality of life. An understanding of tantra basics may help you respond with confidence to and life challenges. That’s why we offer scholarly explanations of tantric texts, which continue to hold interest and value for people around the world. The word “tantra” is often associated with balancing energy in the body, including improving sexual intimacy and relationship quality; however, tantra’s reach is actually much broader. Those who study tantric teachings find value and meaning in everyday routines and ordinary sensory experiences. Yoga International can help you learn more about tantra and how to improve your daily life.

What is Tantra?

Our yoga community is an authentic source of knowledge, providing resources from respected scholars who define tantra and explain its principles. Tantra teaches that dormant physical energy can be awakened by working with the chakras – the major energy centers within the body. We offer articles that discuss what tantra is and how it helps you foster balance, cultivate inner strength, and discover your potential. Sign up for a 30-day free trial membership today to easily connect with online expertise on the philosophies of yoga. Find accessible tools for nurturing yourself and your relationship with the world.

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