Yoga Sutra

Yoga Sutra

Knowledge of the Yoga Sutra provides key insights into the origins and practice of yoga. Patanjali‘s Yoga Sutra is thousands of years old yet still has relevance today. The Yoga Sutra is a book that presents teachings on meditation, mindful living, and the nature of mind. It can serve as an important guide in the process of self-exploration. The book is organized into four parts and provides descriptions of the eight limbs of yoga, such as pranayama and asana. At Yoga International, the complexities of classic yoga texts are simplified through translations, commentary, and explanations. Articles from experts and scholars support your personal inquiry into writings that contribute to the foundations of yoga. Our downloadable resources are offered to those who are interested in applying yoga‘s profound principles to everyday life.

The Yoga Sutra of Patanjali

The sutras are considered words of wisdom and inspiration. Exploring Pantajali‘s Yoga Sutra is a first step in seeing how it\s teachings might be beneficial to you. We make it easy to download audio recitations of the sutras from our site. You will also find articles that offer direction for applying yogic principles you find relevant to your life. For example, you may wish to read verses relating to pranayama to draw motivation for your breathwork practice. Yoga International connects you to authentic information and an enhanced understanding of the ancient writings that continue to provide valuable yoga knowledge today. Sign up for your free trial membership now!

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