Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy

The emerging field of yoga therapy matches an individual’s health and wellness needs with distinct methods and applications of yoga practice. At Yoga International, we offer a broad scope of valuable resources that allow you to take an active role in caring for your body and mind. Our yoga therapy channel features tutorials, articles, and applications for a multitude of common health and wellness concerns. As a member, you’ll have access to invaluable therapeutic and preventive information. We also offer yoga therapy practices that complement traditional health care. Plus, you can view scientifically sound articles that discuss practicing yoga for healing purposes. With a Yoga International membership, you’ll enjoy quick access to a comprehensive range of materials conveniently categorized by areas of the body, such as the arms, neck, or back. Read news on the latest yoga-related research or explore our comprehensive library of archived therapeutic articles.

Enjoy the Health Benefits of Yoga

When it comes to the health benefits of yoga, knowledge is power. You need to know how to keep your body safe during practice and how to prepare it for life’s challenges. Learn the benefits of self-foot massage or discover your ideal sitting posture for pranayama. Take care of your knees during asana or follow steps to relieve tightness in the hamstrings. Learn safer, more effective alignment for vinyasa practice. We publish articles by yoga teachers, physical therapists, and other professionals who have specialized knowledge of yoga as therapy. You’ll also find information outlining yoga’s health benefits. Yoga International supports your commitment to living a full, healthy life. Why not join our community for free today?

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