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Online Yoga Workshops

Download and enjoy online yoga workshops on your own time. Our workshops are led by expert teachers who are dedicated to their practice. We offer guidance to supply the motivation and practical tools for pursuing targeted goals related to your practice. You can be guided in meditation, breath work, asana, or stress reduction. Informative courses, ranging from 30 minutes to three hours in length, will deepen your knowledge, boost your energy, and enhance your well-being. Take a workshop on meditation or how chakras play a role in personal growth. Learn about natural ayurvedic remedies. A membership to Yoga International offers access to a broad scope of yoga-related education. Depending upon the topic, a workshop may serve as a quick learning experience or a transformative journey. All are easily accessed by members at the time and the place that is most convenient for them.

Expand Your Practice with Digital Workshops

Bring body and mind into better balance by taking an online workshop in the comfort of your own home. Our digital yoga workshops can foster physical, mental, and spiritual growth. Be empowered to improve your stamina with challenging poses or build your pranayama practice. Take notes on what you learn with our built-in note-taking tool, and track your progress with our progress bar. Our self-guided courses and workshops can be completed on your own schedule. Our digital workshops are available free of charge to Yoga International members only. Join today for immediate access to an array of inspirational, informative, and enjoyable yoga learning opportunities.