Stay Grounded for the Holidays

Starting in autumn, try these self-care tips to calm vata and prepare for through the hustle-and-bustle of the holiday season.

Want an alternative to the allergies, excess mucus, and communicable viruses usually associated with the holiday season? Take these traditional insights to heart.

Seasonal vata imbalance, which is common in the fall, causes or aggravates many short-term illnesses. Literally translated as “wind,” the subtle energy Ayurvedic physicians call vata is dry, so to balance that, nurture yourself with warm, heated oils. Dosha-specific oil, commonly used for self-massage, also soothes inflamed nasal passages. Warm castor oil or ghee can moisten dry eyes; use an eye cup or eye-dropper from your local pharmacy to bathe them.

Other useful tips: give yourself a lymph massage or dry brush to move lymphatic fluid and boost your immunity. Herbal infusions can help relieve colds and allergies. And don’t forget to use your neti pot!

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Dakota Sexton

Dakota Sexton

Dakota Sexton is a freelance writer, designer, and the former Web Director of Yoga International magazine. For more of her stories, click here.  

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