Asana Anatomy: Exploring Neutral Shoulders

March 10, 2016    BY Jonina Turzi

Jonina leads a short tutorial explaining how to find neutral shoulders. After learning how to properly draw the shoulders up and back in mountain pose, enjoy a supported spine in forward fold, hands-and-knees, cat-cow, child's pose, and downward dog.

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Jonina Turzi
Jonina Turzi is a doctor of physical therapy and functional manual therapist trained in craniosacral and visceral manipulation. She obtained her primary yoga instruction through the Himalayan Institute in 2006 and with Elena Brower in 2013-14. In her work as a yoga instructor and movement educator, Jonina is passionate about integrating modern health care and traditional wisdom techniques. Her classes are playful and precise, with a focus on balancing physical and subtle movement in practical... Read more>>


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