Asana Q&A: What Do I Do with My Head in Revolved Triangle Pose?


I have difficulty turning my head in revolved triangle. What can I do? Try this: Use props to provide more stability in the legs and extension through the entire spine, then notice how much easier it is to rotate your head. Stand in parivritta trikonasana with the left leg forward. Fold forward from the hip joints, supporting the right hand on a block just inside the left foot. This will help keep the spine extended and bring stability to the right leg. Next, turn the abdomen to the left as you exhale, continuing to extend out through the tailbone and crown of the head. Press the right hand firmly into the block as you open through the chest. Now sense the enhanced freedom in the cervical spine as you begin to rotate the head upward, gazing softly toward the left hand. If you still find turning the head difficult, feel free to look to the side or down toward your mat.

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