Asana Tip: Baddha Konasana


Q:  I’m so stiff in my hips and lower back in baddha konasana that I just feel stuck. I feel collapsed in my back and not really engaged in the posture. What can I do to make this pose more accessible? 

Try This:

Sit on a folded blanket or with your back against a wall, or both. The support will release the effort in the lower back and groin by angling your pelvis so your sit bones anchor the spine. With your lower back supported, clasp your feet or ankles, and draw your shoulder blades together and down as you press your knees and thighs toward the floor. Elongate the spine and lift up through the crown of the head to feel a deep release in the inner thighs. Close your eyes, turn your attention inward to the breath, and relax unnecessary effort, but keep the thighs moving down and the spine lifting. The prop will allow you to feel your way deeply into the pose, engaging and opening up to the satisfying, energetic flow of the pose.

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