Dinacharya: Top 9 Ayurvedic Practices for Daily Routine


Dinacharya, or ayurvedic daily routine, has lots of benefits! Kathryn describes the top 9 practices in her morning routine—how they cleanse the body and prevent the buildup of toxins, help keep the senses and mind clear, and nourish the body. She also explains that repeating a routine every morning sets your day and gives you a feeling of stability and steadiness, and she offers advice on how to gradually ease your way into the routine, rather than beginning with all 9 practices.

About the Teacher

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Kathryn Templeton
Kathryn Templeton, MA, RDT/ MT/LPC, E-500 RYT, C-IAYT. Ayurvedic practitioner Kathryn Templeton has devoted... Read more