Dosha-Balancing Herbal Tea


According to Ayurveda, certain foods are balancing for all of the doshas.

"In Ayurveda it is believed that an imbalanced state of mind is the root cause of nearly all disease unfold sattvic qualities in one’s mind, body, and consciousness, it is best to follow a sattvic diet." - Sarah Kruse

This aromatic herbal tea recipe will increase the quality of sattva and reduce the qualities of rajas and tamas.


Grind the cumin, coriander, and fennel seeds in a mortar and pestle. Bring the water to boiling point. Add all of the spices to the boiling water, turn off the heat, and cover. Allow tea to steep 5–10 minutes. Strain and sweeten with honey. Drink throughout the day. Serves 4.


3⁄4 tsp. cumin seeds

3⁄4 tsp. coriander seeds

3⁄4 tsp. fennel seeds

1 tsp. fresh ginger root, grated

1 tsp. peppermint leaves, fresh or dried

1 tsp. rose petals, fresh or dried

1⁄4 tsp. cinnamon

4 c. water


Stimulates digestion, balances all three doshas, and unfolds sattva.

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