Embodied Insight: Awareness That Leads to Lasting Change


Why do we do the things we do? Psychologists have come to understand that when we gain insight, it often doesn’t travel into the body. It just remains a mental construct. It is because of this mind-body disconnect that we can find ourselves doing the same thing again and again. When mental insight trickles down into the body and becomes understood in a visceral sense, this more embodied insight narrows the gap between our mental conception of what’s going on in our lives and the real life experience of change. But it gets better. The body has its own version of embodied insight, an awareness that is deeply visceral and deeply embodied—one could almost call it cellular awareness. And this deeply visceral awareness arising from the body doesn’t need to be conceptualized or understood by the mind to affect lasting change. Click on the video to learn more from Forbes about embodied insight.

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We sat down with Bo Forbes at the recent New York Yoga Journal Conference to chat about yoga therapy, neuroplasticity and the healing power of Yoga. 

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Bo Forbes
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