Finding Purpose: What Is My Life About Right Now?


We sat down with Coby Kozlowski at the recent New York Yoga Journal Conference to chat about dharma, wave riding, and the sweetness of life.

Don’t get so caught up in a search for clarity that you cease to act, urges Coby Kozlowski. We may not be sure about our life's purpose, but at some point we just have to say, "Right now, in this breath, my life is about this," even if what our life is about changes over time. Because when we say our life is about something—love, connection, community—we have to show up to it and do something about it. The question for us all is, "What is my life about right now, and will I skillfully engage with it for the sake of the collective?"

How have you said "yes" to your life right now? Please comment below.

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